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Use Mobile ID with self-service registration

In certain projects, it may not be feasible for you as an admin to add users in your host system and Mobile ID Manager yourself. In this case, you can allow users to self-register.


  • You create a project in Mobile ID Manager with self-service registration enabled.
  • A project-specific activation QR code is automatically generated.
  • You provide your users with this activation QR code, along with QR codes for app download and instructions.
  • Users download and activate the app.
  • During app activation, Mobile ID Manager automatically assigns an ID.
  • To feed these IDs into your host system, users complete a self-service registration process you define.
Diagram: Concept of user self-service registration in BALTECH Mobile ID

Admin workflow

Create project

When creating the project, make sure you enable the option Use self-service registration. You cannot enable this option later for existing projects.

Screenshot: Option "User self-service registration" in "Create a project" dialog in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

In the Settings section, you'll find a project-specific activation QR code to provide to your users (see next section).

Screenshot: QR code for self-service registration in the Settings of BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

The Users section and the Auto-sync option in the Settings section are not available for projects with self-service registration enabled.

Provide users with QR codes and instructions

Provide users with the following:

  • QR codes for app download
    QR codes to download the Mobile ID app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
    Download QR codes

  • Activation QR code
    Project-specific activation QR code, downloadable in your project's Settings (see previous section)

  • Instructions
    Instructions to complete the entire user workflow (see following section)

Distribute this information via a communication channel of your choice (e.g. printout, e-mail, or messenger). It's not possible to use Mobile ID Manager for this.

User workflow

Download and activate app

With the above QR codes, users can download and activate their apps as described here.

Self-register with your host system

Upon app activation, users must self-register with your host system. This is a process that is up to you to define. It's not possible to use Mobile ID Manager for this.

The Mobile ID app does not inform users about the need to self-register, so make sure you inform them accordingly.

User data in Mobile ID Manager and host system

During app activation, Mobile ID Manager automatically assigns a consecutive ID. In the Settings section of Mobile ID Manager, you can see which IDs have already been assigned.

Screenshot: IDs already registered in a self-service project in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

During self-registration, the ID assigned by Mobile ID Manager is fed into your host system (along with any other user data, depending on how you set up the registration process).

There is no direct data exchange between Mobile ID Manager and host system

Thus, the ID range displayed in Mobile ID Manager only shows which IDs have already been assigned. It does not tell you whether the corresponding apps have been registered with the host system as well or if these apps are still active.