Create a new version of a configuration

If you want to update an existing project configuration, you can create a new version of it.

To create a new version:

  1. Open BALTECH ConfigEditor.

    If you haven't installed it yet, you can download it herecall_made as part of BALTECH ToolSuite.

  2. In the popup window, click Open.

    Screenshot: Open an existing configuration (BALCFG format) in BALTECH ConfigEditor

  3. Select the BALCFG file of the configuration you want to create a new version of.

  4. Click Create New Version.

    This option is disabled for configurations you've ordered from us. This helps avoid the creation of conflicting versions. To make changes to such a configuration, please derive and edit a copy of it.

    Screenshot: Create New Version button in BALTECH ConfigEditor

  5. A new draft version is created.

    Screenshot: New configuration version created in BALTECH ConfigEditor

  6. Make the required changes to the configuration.

    • To edit an existing component, click the relevant entry on the left.
    • To delete an existing component, right-click the relevant entry on the left.
    • To add a new component, click Extend Configuration.
  7. On the Administrative Information screen, enter a Description of Changes for this Version.

    Screenshot: Description of changes for a new configuration version created in BALTECH ConfigEditor

  8. Click Save icon to save.

The new version will be saved as a draft. Once you've tested your changes and are happy with them, please finalize the new version. Then, you can deploy it to your readers without having to remove the previous version.

The description of changes will be added to the Change Log, and the BALCFG file's name changes from -DRAFT to -<version number>.

Screenshot: Changelog for previous configuration versions in BALTECH ConfigEditor   Screenshot: Automated versioning of configurations in BALTECH ConfigEditor

Keep the default versioning

The version information that is automatically added to BALCFG file names helps you keep track of your versions: -DRAFT files are work in progress, whereas files with version numbers have a defined state. By sticking to this versioning, you avoid confusion as you'll never end up with 2 competing versions having the same version number.