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Custom front stickers

Instead of using the standard front stickers, you can order stickers with your custom design. We highly recommend you order them with us, as we make sure that the sticker material doesn't interfere with the reader functionality.

What to make sure when ordering from a third-party provider

  • Use metal-free colors to avoid RF/keypad interference.
  • For ACCESS200: Use material that is well covering to prevent LEDs from shining through as 4 luminous points.

Design guidelines

Graphic requirements

Minimum character size 5 pt/1.8 mm
Minimum line width 0.2 mm
Recommended resolution 1200 dpi
Format PDF, fonts included or converted to paths
You can additionally provide Adobe Illustrator files to speed up the process in case of change requirements.
Color codes Pantone, HKS or RAL
Caution: Grained sticker surface influences color appearance significantly! Specified colors will be matched as good as possible.



Diagram of BALTECH ACCESS200 front sticker measurements

Overall front size 82 x 82 mm
Front sticker cavity 76 x 76 mm
Final sticker size after punch-out (approx.) 75 x 75 mm
Antenna center/card symbol position
Standard reader 0/0 mm
Keypad reader 0/10 mm
Key center coordinates 1
Row 1/2/3 y=0/-13.2/-26.4 mm
Column 1/2/3/4/5 x=-27.9/-13.9/0/13.9/27.9 mm

ID-engine ZB/XE

Diagram of BALTECH ID-engine front sticker measurements

Overall front size 84 x 48 mm
Front sticker cavity 81 x 45 mm
Final sticker size after punch-out (approx.) 80.8 x 44.8 mm
LED window (center) position from corner 12.4/10.65 mm
LED window diameter 4 mm
Corner radius 3.5 mm

Sticker material

For stickers you order with us, we use the following material:

  • PC 0.175 mm
  • Grained surface
  • Scratch resistant

All BALTECH readers with front stickers use this material and can be used as a reference.


The following are typical prices for standard design requirements. Surcharges apply for special requests.

Pcs Price in EUR
100 1,000.00
500 1,400.00
1000 1,700.00
2000 2,500.00

  1. x/y coordinates origin: 0/0 = center of sticker