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Known issues in BALTECH ToolSuite

BALTECH ToolSuite consists of the tools ID-engine Explorer, ConfigEditor, and Uploader. Here, you can find the known issues in the latest version.

If you're experiencing an issue in an older version, please update first to get the latest bug fixes. To report a new issue in the latest version, please get in touch.

ID-engine Explorer

Factory resetting a reader with security settings fails


Readers whose configuration contain security settings can currently not be factory reset. The reason is that security settings fully block unencrypted access, which is needed by ID-engine Explorer to perform the factory reset.

Please get in touch with us. We'll then provide you with a script to perform the factory reset. Meanwhile, we're working on an improvement for one of the upcoming ToolSuite versions, so that factory resets will by default remain possible.



When you connect an Ethernet reader in maintenance mode to a computer, the reader will obtain its IP address via link-local in most cases. If you then start a firmware update, the update process will abort after a few seconds. You'll get the following error message: Driver internal problem. Reader disconnected. The aborted update leaves the firmware in a corrupted state, i.e. the reader functionality is no longer available.

Connect the reader to a DHCP network and restart the firmware update.