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Update reader firmware via Wireless Upload

For this update method, connect a transfer reader to a laptop and upload the update via the transfer reader to the target reader over NFC.

Diagram: Wireless Upload of a configuration via a transfer reader connected to BALTECH Uploader


  • BALTECH ToolSuite v4.26 or above
  • Transfer reader: ID-engine ZB Brick, ISO/MIFARE product line (10115)

    The LEGIC product line (10117) as well as legacy readers with a firmware ID other than 1100 will not work.

  • Target readers with existing firmware:

    • 1100 v2.00 or above
    • Custom firmware originally created as of November 2021
  • The firmware file, packaged with the configuration (see following chapter).

Package firmware with configuration

For security reasons, the firmware file must be packaged with a configuration. Otherwise, the reader will not accept the update.

To package the firmware with the configuration:

  1. Create a new version of your configuration.
  2. Make sure the option Support Legacy Firmware Versions is disabled.
  3. Package the configuration with the BF2 firmware file.
  4. Release a new configuration version. The exported BEC2 file will contain both the configuration and the firmware.

Perform the upload

To upload the package, follow the steps described here.

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