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Update reader firmware via Wireless Upload

For this update method, connect a transfer reader to a laptop and upload the update via the transfer reader to the target reader over NFC.

Diagram: Wireless Upload of a configuration via a transfer reader connected to BALTECH Uploader


  • BALTECH ToolSuite v4.26 or above
  • Transfer reader: ID-engine ZB Brick, ISO/MIFARE product line (10115)

    The LEGIC product line (10117) as well as legacy readers with a firmware ID other than 1100 will not work.

  • Target readers with existing firmware:

    • 1100 v2.00 or above
    • Custom firmware originally created as of November 2021
  • The firmware file, packaged with the configuration (see following chapter).

Package firmware with configuration

For security reasons, the firmware file must be packaged with a configuration. Otherwise, the reader will not accept the update.

To package the firmware with the configuration:

  1. Create a new version of your configuration.
  2. Make sure the option Support Legacy Firmware Versions is disabled.
  3. Package the configuration with the BF2 firmware file.
  4. Release a new configuration version. The exported BEC2 file will contain both the configuration and the firmware.

Deploy via Wireless Upload

To deploy the package, follow the steps described here.

All future firmware updates must be packaged as well

Once you deploy such a package, the reader will also accept future firmware updates only if they're packaged with a configuration. This applies to both Wired and Wireless Upload. This means: If you want to update the firmware again in the future, create a new version of your configuration and package it with the new firmware file.

To deploy an unpackaged firmware file in the future, you need to factory reset the reader.