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Error codes in the SDK

All SDK error codes are documented in our C API documentation. The following overview shows you how to find what you're looking for.

Error handling

There are 2 groups of errors you should cover:

Device errors

These are errors that the reader may return when executing a BRP command. For a full list, see the device error overview. Here, you can look for the errors related to the command you're executing.

The command group name is included in the error name:
BRP_<command group>_ErrXXX

Communication errors

These are errors that occur during the communication between the application and the reader or when calling a function of the BRP communication library with an invalid parameter.

For a full list, see the communication error overview, section BRP_ERR_XXX.


To investigate an error thrown by the SDK, you have 2 options:

Map error code to name

Use the function brp_map_errcode() to retrieve the error name. You can then search for the name in the C API documentation.

This feature requires SDK v3.05 or above.

Search by numeric code

The first 16 bits of the numeric error code represent the error group: