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Invoke BALTECH Uploader from a custom application

With BALTECH Uploader, you can deploy configurations or firmware updates. To automate deployment, you can invoke Uploader from your own application or script.

This feature requires Uploader v4.26.02 or above.

Uploader EXE

Uploader is available for download as part of BALTECH ToolSuite. Once you've installed ToolSuite, you can find the Uploader EXE file here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Baltech\Tool Suite\bf2uploader.exe

Command line arguments

You can invoke Uploader without any arguments; then Uploader will simply start and wait for user interaction. With the following arguments, you can further automate the deployment process.

Argument Supported values Description
Path to firmware or config file
  • File path, e.g.C:\{path}\1100_1.30.00.bf2
  • defaultFirmware

The firmware or config file will be preselected when Uploader starts. If you want to deploy the firmware file that is included in Uploader (see C:\Program Files (x86)\Baltech\Tool Suite\firmware), use defaultFirmware.

This must be the first argument.

Mode (optionally with reader serial number)
  • wired
  • wireless
  • configCard
Uploader selects the connected reader and starts the specified upload mode, i.e. Wired Upload, Wireless Upload (using the connected reader as a transfer reader), or ConfigCard creation.

When and how to specify the serial number

Specify the reader serial number if several readers are connected. To do so, use {mode}={serialnumber}, e.g. wired=12345678.

In Uploader versions below v5.00.03, the serial number must always be specified.

No user interaction noInteractions

This argument lets you perform Wired Upload without any user interaction: Uploader will start automatically, start Wired Upload, and respond with an exit code instead of a dialog (see table below).

As this argument only works with Wired Upload, the argument wired must be passed as well (see previous table row).

Success and error response

Upon successful completion or errors, Uploader will respond as follows:

Status Dialog If you ommit the argument noInteractions, Uploader will show dialogs to indicate successful completion or errors. Exit code If you pass the argument noInteractions, no Uploader dialogs are displayed. Instead, you can use the exit code to determine whether the upload was successful.
Upload successful Success message with options to perform another Wired Upload or return to the Uploader start screen.
Success message for Wireless Upload in BALTECH Uploader
An error occurred during the upload Specific error message 1
We recommend you repeat the upload manually to see the error message.
The argument {mode} or {mode}={serialnumber} has been passed, but Uploader doesn't detect a reader. Select reader manually
Dialog Select a Reader in BALTECH Uploader

The argument {mode} has been passed, but Uploader has detected more than 1 reader.


The argument {mode}={serialnumber} has been passed, but the specified serial number doesn't match any of the connected readers.

Select reader manually
Dialog Select a Reader in BALTECH Uploader


The following example causes BALTECH Uploader to deploy the included firmware file via Wired Upload to the connected reader and terminate itself upon completion.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Baltech\Tool Suite\bf2uploader.exe" defaultFirmware wired noInteractions