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Use the Mobile ID app to interact with card readers

Once a user has activated their app, they can use their phone to interact with card readers, e.g. to open doors.

To interact with a card reader:

  • Present the phone to the card reader, so that the display is facing you and the top half of the phone is aligned with the reader.

  • The phone can be offline for a certain period of time, up to 24 hours. This means you can use the app e.g. in the basement or other areas without Internet connection.

  • No need to unlock the phone - the app only needs to be open in the background.
    If Mobile ID suddenly stops working, please check if the app is still open (learn more).

  • If you keep debit or credit cards in your Apple Wallet, you may be prompted to authenticate with Wallet. You can safely ignore this prompt (learn more).

How Mobile ID behavior differs from physical ID cards

Unlike physical IDs cards, Bluetooth-based apps such as Mobile ID do not have a clearly defined, constant range at which they are recognized by the reader. Instead, this range may vary (within a maximum and minimum value) depending on, e.g., the reader and phone model. It may even change over time. This is a typical characteristic of the Bluetooth protocol. In practical use, however, this usually doesn't imply any restrictions as users intuitively approach readers with their phones until they get feedback from the reader via LED and/or beeper.

Present phone with BALTECH Mobile ID app to card reader