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Identify a card type

  1. Connect a test reader to your computer.
  2. Open BALTECH ID-engine Explorer.
    If you haven't installed it yet, you can download it here as part of BALTECH ToolSuite.

  3. Click the reader, then click Select.

    • If several interfaces are shown for the reader, please select HID.
    • Connecting an Ethernet reader works when the reader is unconfigured or required permissions are granted in PKI Encryption and Authorization settings.

    Screenshot: Select a reader in BALTECH ID-engine Explorer

  4. Place the card you want to identify on the reader.
    The card will be shown in the upper part of the window including card type.
    Screenshot: Preview of an example 13.56 MHz card in BALTECH ID-engine Explorer

Some cards have subtypes

Some card types such as EMarine, HID Prox, or HITAG have subtypes. These are also shown in BALTECH ID-engine Explorer.
Example: HITAG has the subtypes "1/S" and "2".
Write down the subtype as well because you'll need it to configure the reader's RFID interface.

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