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Deploy a configuration via BALTECH ConfigCard

For this deployment method, you present a BALTECH ConfigCard to the reader. The reader will scan the card and adopt the configuration stored on it.

ACCESS200 readers will trigger a tamper alarm when a ConfigCard is presented.

Equipment & requirements

Present ConfigCard to reader

Present the ConfigCard to the reader you want to configure.

I have several ConfigCards for the same project.

In this case, first deploy the card with the host interface configuration, and afterwards the card with RFID interface configuration (i.e. the configuration for the card type). If you do it the other way round, the reader won't accept the host interface configuration.

The reader will emit the following signals:

Diagram: Feedback given by a BALTECH reader: ConfigCard processed, configuration has been deployed.

Error prevention & troubleshooting

Avoid interruptions

To avoid interruptions, keep the card in front of the reader until the yellow LED turns off. Otherwise, deployment will be aborted.

Error signaling

If the reader's LED turns red or doesn't respond at all, please refer to our troubleshooting guide.

Integration in ACCESS200 installation workflow

To see how config deployment fits into the full installation workflow for ACCESS200, please refer to the full installation guide.