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What is Autoread?

With Autoread, you can read a number from a card. (For all other read operations, use VHL.) Your development effort is reduced to a minimum as the reader works completely autonomously:

  • The reader scans for cards, validates and reads them.
  • It interprets the data and converts it into the required format.
  • It forwards the converted data to the host or provides it for retrieval (depending on the implementation mode).
  • It interacts with the card holder, e.g. it emits feedback via beeper/LED or switches a door relay.

All information needed for these tasks is stored in the reader configuration.

Implementation modes


Unidirectional communication

Bidirectional communication via BRP

Supported interfaces
  • USB keyboard emulation
  • USB virtual COM port
  • RS-232/UART

    Recommended with SDK We provide an SDK for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • USB virtual COM port

    Recommended when not using SDK

  • RS-232/UART
  • Ethernet
Cross-platform API No

Every platform has its own API

  • Yes if SDK is used
  • No if SDK is not used
Integration effort Medium
  • Low if SDK is used
  • High if SDK is not used
Feedback to card holder


Via reader configuration

Limited options, but easy to implement

Via reader configuration OR
host application

Via host gives you more extensive options, but requires more development effort

Control reader hardware

(e.g. firmware and config update)

Not possible Possible
Retrieval of read results Not needed

Reader sends data to host autonomously

Needed, but not time critical

Read results are buffered in the reader memory for 5 seconds

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Not sure which option to use?

If your use case is supported by both implementation modes, we recommend implementation via BRP: It scales better with growing requirements, and you can use our SDK with a lot of application notes that help you get started. You'd like some personal advice? We're happy to help.