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Changelog & known issues for firmware 1100 v2.06

2.06.06 (2024-06-05)


  • When a support request is sent from the Mobile ID app, additional information about the reader hardware and firmware is now included in the app log attached to the request.

Bug fixes

  • Mobile ID stability and reactivity improvements

2.06.03 (2024-02-08)

Bug fixes

  • ID-engine Z product variants 12115-xxx-xx and 12117-xxx-xx operating in Autoread unidirectional communication mode via serial interface (RS-232/UART) couldn't be switched to BRP protocol e.g. in order to perform a firmware or configuration update.

  • On ID-engine Z product variants 12115-xxx-xx and 12117-xxx-xx, firmware uploads failed occasionally.

  • The reader's response to a Mobile ID app was delayed in the following cases:

    • Non-Mobile ID Bluetooth devices were present in the reader's close range.
    • The Mobile ID app was installed on an iPhone, and this device had been present in the reader's range for approx. 20 minutes.
    • NFC was enabled on the phone (in this case, delays occurred only occasionally).
  • In rare cases, the reader terminated and re-established the Bluetooth connection to a phone with an active Mobile ID app immediately after it was presented.

2.06.02 (2023-07-26)

This version also includes all features and bugfixes of the stable version v2.05 up to and including v2.05.01.


  • Added support for BALTECH Mobile ID (Beta). With Mobile ID, you can use smartphones to interact with BALTECH readers as an alternative to physical ID cards. During beta, the app is available for Apple iPhones; the Android app will be available for the official release.

    Beta testers welcome! If you're interested, get in touch.

  • Activated power-saving measures to significantly reduce the reader's power consumption. These measures have no impact on the reader's behavior. The specific savings depend on the card type used.

  • The HID Prox number format CardNumberLeftAdjusted has been added.
    For more details, refer to the HidProxSerialNrFormat configuration value.