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Technical data ID-engine XE


Drawing ID-engine ZB/XE with dimensions

Dimensions in mm. Tolerance +/- 0.5 mm. Drawing not to scale.

Dimensions Brick 84 x 48 x 17 mm; fixed cable 1.8 m
Weight Brick with cable and connector box 160 g net 300 g incl. packaging
450 g incl. AC/DC 5 V power supply
Housing material Brick and connector box ABS/PC

Power supply

When the reader switches on its antenna field, a steep rise of supply current occurs. If power supply or wiring gauge/length is inadequate, this rise may cause short voltage drops that may result in a power-on reset of the reader. To avoid this, please check the wiring gauge and characteristics of the power supply used.

The critical voltage drop is below 4.7 VDC.

Power supply
Supply @ DC socket 4.8...5.5 VDC ripple 50 mV max.
Use of BALTECH power supply # 30501-001-03 recommended!
I max supply current @ 5 V 750 mA max
I typ operating current @ 5 V 500 mA typ
PoE IEEE 802.3af compliant
I max supply current PoE 100 mA
I typ operating current PoE 70 mA

User interface

User interface
LED Red/Green/+Mix 3-color LED
Beeper 2700 +/- 300 Hz


Operating temperature -25...+45 °C Wider temperature range on request
Storage temperature boxed -40...+70 °C
Operating humidity (relative) 5...90% Non-condensing
Storage humidity (relative) 5...90% Non-condensing
MTBF 100,000 h

RFID interface

RFID interface
13.56 MHz ISO 14443 A, B 106...848 kbit/s
ISO 15693 26 kbit/s
125 kHz ASK, FSK, PSK Modulation types
Multi-frequency operation scan time Seq. processing Autoread 600 ms full cycle

RFID read range

RFID read range
13.56 MHz 25...80 mm typ.
125 kHz 20...80 mm typ.

RFID field strength

RFID field strength
13.56 MHz ISO 14443, NFC Hmin = 1.5 A/m 25 mm typ.
ISO 15693, NFC Hmin = 0.15 A/m 80 mm typ.
125 kHz No standard available

Reading distance for common card types

Reading distance
10091-xxx-yy 10096-xxx-yy
MIFARE Classic 4k 32 byte read/write 45 mm 45 mm
MIFARE DESFire EV1 key-fob 150 byte read/write AES 20 mm 20 mm
DESFire EV2 card 150 byte read/write AES 46 mm 42 mm

Host interface

Here are more details on the Ethernet host interface. If you develop your own application, please also see the overview of available host protocols.

Interface Specifics
  • Integrated 2-port switch
  • (1 port with PoE)
  • 100 Mbit/s
  • IEEE 802.3
  • Connector box at cable end: 2 RJ45 sockets plus coaxial DC 5 V supply socket