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Identify the type of number to read from a 13.56 MHz card

If you're unsure whether the number to read is the serial number (UID) or a programmed card number (PCN) e.g. in a file, sector, or segment, you can find out using the steps below.

To identify the number type:

  1. Identify the UID using BALTECH ID-engine Explorer.
  2. If the UID (partly) matches the expected number, then this is what you need. Configure the RFID interface to Autoread the UID.
  3. If this UID doesn't match the expected number at all, this can mean 3 things:

    • The UID needs to be converted In this case, configure the RFID interface to Autoread the UID and convert it into the expected number.

    • Your card returns a random ID
      In this case, you'll need an encryption key to read the real UID. You can use any key associated with your card.

    • The expected number is a PCN This number is stored in the card's memory. In this case, you need additional info. With this info, you can configure the RFID interface to Autoread the number from the memory.

So which approach applies to you?

Only your project owner/card issuer can tell you, so please try to get as much information as possible from them. Otherwise, you can try all 3 approaches to see which one works. Alternatively, you can order a configuration from us and we'll collect the required information.

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