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Settings in Mobile ID Manager

Settings in Mobile ID Manager apply to the entire project. During beta, these settings cannot be edited and are displayed for your reference only.

Screenshot: Settings in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager: encryption key and support

Encryption key

The encryption key is unique for every project. It's generated when the project account is created and serves to encrypt the communication between Mobile ID apps and readers. The key is transferred to an app when a user activates it. To transfer it to the readers, you need to add it to the reader configuration.

This key is highly sensitive

Do not share it and do not save it anywhere except in the reader configuration.


The option Send a copy of user support requests is set in consultation with you when you request an account for your project. If enabled, a copy of support requests that users submit from their apps will be sent to BALTECH.

Sending a copy of support requests to BALTECH helps us improve the quality of the app. However, we'll only respond to support requests submitted by you as the administrator.

If you want to change this setting, please contact us.