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Quick trial of the Mobile ID app

Quickly try out the Mobile ID app with a test reader - no account in Mobile ID Manager needed.

Set up reader

  1. Download the demo configuration, packaged with the required firmware for your reader type:

  2. Connect the test reader to your computer.

  3. Deploy the downloaded package via wired upload in BALTECH Uploader (for standard readers) or using Kofax Reader Maintainer (for print-management readers).

Activate the app

  1. Install the app by scanning the appropriate QR code below with the phone's camera (or, on older Android versions, with a QR scanner app such as this one).

    QR code to download the BALTECH Mobile ID app from the App Store
    App Store
    QR code to download the BALTECH Mobile ID app from the Play Store
    Google Play Store

  2. Open the app and scan the activation QR code below.
    For more details about app activation, refer to this howto.

    QR code to activate the BALTECH Mobile ID app for the test project

Start testing

  1. Present the phone to the test reader.
  2. Upon successful interaction, you'll hear a beep and the LED switches to green (on standard readers) or flashes once (on print-management readers).

    Present phone with BALTECH Mobile ID app to card reader


It doesn't work as expected? Please find typical issues and solutions in our troubleshooting guide.