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Quick trial guide

Before you set up productive readers with a complete project configuration, you can try out the Mobile ID app with a quick test configuration.

Create project

  1. In Mobile ID Manager, create an admin account and a project.

Update reader firmware

  1. Download firmware 1100 v2.06 or above.
  2. Double-click the firmware file to open it in BALTECH Uploader.
    If you haven't installed it yet, you can download it here as part of BALTECH ToolSuite.
  3. Connect a test reader.
  4. Click Start Wired Upload > Start Upload.

    Screenshot: Upload Mobile ID beta firmware to test reader using BALTECH Uploader

Create test configuration

  1. Download the configuration component Autoread BALTECH Mobile ID (for Beta Testers).

  2. Double-click it to open it in BALTECH ConfigEditor.

  3. In your Mobile ID Manager project, go to Settings and copy the Encryption key to the clipboard.

    Screenshot: Copy encryption key displayed in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

  4. Paste the key into the Encryption Key field of the configuration component.

    Screenshot: Encryption key for a BALTECH Mobile ID project entered in the configuration template

Transfer configuration to reader

  1. Click Test Full Configuration with Host System > Transfer Config to Reader.

    Screenshot: Button to transfer of Mobile ID template config from BALTECH ConfigEditor

    Don't use this configuration productively

    For productive use, create a complete project configuration.

Activate the app

  1. In Mobile ID Manager, add yourself as a user.
  2. Activate the app.

Start testing

  1. Present the phone to the test reader.
  2. Upon successful interaction, the reader will give feedback via LED/beeper.

    Present phone with BALTECH Mobile ID app to card reader