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Changelog for the firmware of ID-engine XE
(firmware ID 1094)

Versions available for download

You can download the current stable version in the latest bugfix version. Other versions are available on request.


1.02.00 (2019-10-22)


  • Device port of ID-engine XE reader can be configured/disabled via Protocols / Network / NicPrinterPortSpeedDuplexMode.
  • Added Sys.GetFwCrc command.
  • VHL.Setup and VHL.Write support for inter-industry cards added.
  • Sys.GetFeatures returns supported host protocol encryption (AES, PKI) now.
  • Updated LEGIC SM-4200 firmware to OS V4.3.1.0.
  • Added new configuration value VhlCfg / File / LegicApplicationSegmentList, which is the basis for a Legic VHL file definition. It replaces the former value VhlCfg / File / LegicSegmentListLegacy, which is marked as deprecated now as it isn't supported by our SDK.
  • Added support for reading iCLASS card numbers with ID-engine XE Legic readers equipped with an SM-4200M (ISO 15693-based iCLASS cards only - no iCLASS SE/Seos).
  • Added new Legic low-level command dispatcher, which currently only contains the transparent Command for direct communication with the SM-4x00. This dispatcher replaces the Lga dispatcher, which is marked as deprecated now as it isn't supported by our SDK.
  • Added 3 new ISO 15693 low-level commands: TransparentCmd, WriteMultipleBlocks, and ReadMultipleBlocks. These commands replace the commands 0x2105, 0x2106, and 0x2120, which were marked as deprecated as they aren't supported by our SDK.
  • Added VHL.ResolveFilename, which allows you to address VHL files via name instead of index. We recommend to follow this approach for new projects.
  • Readers now scan for BALTECH ConfigCards even when not adding ISO14443/A to Project / VhlSettings / ScanCardFamilies explicitly. In the latter case; ISO14443/A cards aren't processed by the Autoread Rules at all (it is only checked if they are BALTECH ConfigCards and transferred to the readers configuration if so). For the rare case that non-ISO14443/A ConfigCards are needed, a new configuration setting was introduced: "Project.VhlSettings.ConfCardFamily"
  • Ultralight low-level commands added

Breaking Changes

  • Deprecated ISO15693 commands (command code 0x20XX) were removed. To execute low-level ISO15693 commands, use the Iso15 command group instead (as recommended for all current products).

Bug fixes

  • ISO 15693 block length was restricted to 16 bytes. Now it supports up to 64 bytes.
  • HTG 1/S write command contained an error.
  • On presentation of multiple ISO 14443A cards, sporadic reading problems could occur. This affected LEGIC readers only.
  • Sys.GetFeatures didn't return the feature IDs of EM4205 and EM4450.
  • VHL.IsSelected didn't work with ioProx, Pyramid, and ISO15693 cards that had a block length of 32 bytes.
  • 13.56 MHz card types couldn't be read anymore after executing security-based host commands.
  • LED signalization during BALTECH ConfigCard presentation wasn't correct.
  • HID iCLASS card presentation could cause the reader to reboot.
  • Sys.GetFeatures could indicate MIFARE Classic/Plus support for LEGIC readers erroneously.
  • Problems occurred when reading ISO14443-4-compatible cards with an ID-engine XE LEGIC reader.
  • VHL Select didn't scan for 125 kHz cards after card analysis was done in ID-engine Explorer.
  • GProx is supported for any bit length now.
  • AWID supports any bit length now.
  • MIFARE DESFire cards with DES crypto may be accessed now.
  • Reader configuration could be destroyed under certain circumstances.
  • Reader could enter a state without reading any ISO 14443 or ISO 15693 compatible cards any longer.
  • The delay after a TCP connection request failure configured with Protocols / BrpTcp / TcpConnectTrialMinDelay and Protocols / BrpTcp / TcpConnectTrialMaxDelay was not applied correctly.

1.01.00 (2018-10-02)

  • Initial release