Changelog for the firmware of ID-engine XE
(firmware ID 1094)

Here, you can find the history of all released firmware versions.

  • Production version: 1.02.00
    This is the version with which new readers are currently shipped.
  • Versions marked as STABLE are official versions available for downloadcall_made.
  • All other versions are only given to individual customers on request, e.g. to fix a very specific bug. Any changes in these versions will be included in one of the next higher stable versions.

1.02.00 (2019-10-22) | STABLE


Breaking Changes

  • Deprecated ISO15693 commands (command code 0x20XX) were removed. To execute low-level ISO15693 commands, use the Iso15call_made command group instead (as recommended for all current products).

Bug fixes

  • ISO 15693 block length was restricted to 16 bytes. Now it supports up to 64 bytes.
  • HTG 1/S write command contained an error.
  • On presentation of multiple ISO 14443A cards, sporadic reading problems could occur. This affected LEGIC readers only.
  • Sys.GetFeaturescall_made didn't return the feature IDs of EM4205 and EM4450.
  • VHL.IsSelectedcall_made didn't work with ioProx, Pyramid, and ISO15693 cards that had a block length of 32 bytes.
  • 13.56 MHz card types couldn't be read anymore after executing security-based host commands.
  • LED signalization during BALTECH ConfigCard presentation wasn't correct.
  • HID iClass card presentation could cause the reader to reboot.
  • Sys.GetFeaturescall_made could indicate MIFARE Classic/Plus support for LEGIC readers erroneously.
  • Problems occurred when reading ISO14443-4-compatible cards with an ID-engine XE LEGIC reader.
  • VHL Selectcall_made didn't scan for 125 kHz cards after card analysis was done in ID-engine Explorer.
  • GProx is supported for any bit length now.
  • AWID supports any bit length now.
  • MIFARE DESFire cards with DES crypto may be accessed now.
  • Reader configuration could be destroyed under certain circumstances.
  • Reader could enter a state without reading any ISO 14443 or ISO 15693 compatible cards any longer.
  • The delay after a TCP connection request failure configured with Protocols / BrpTcp / TcpConnectTrialMinDelaycall_made and Protocols / BrpTcp / TcpConnectTrialMaxDelaycall_made was not applied correctly.

1.01.00 (2018-10-02)

  • Initial release