This command writes data to a card based on a VHL file. In this file, you specify the card-specific memory structure. You can either add the VHL file to your reader configuration or create it dynamically using VHL.Setup.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
Id Integer (8 bits) ID of VHL file (starting at 0)
  • If you create the VHL file dynamically, use 0xFF.
  • If you've added the VHL file to the reader configuration, please resolve the ID from the filename using VHL.ResolveFilename.
    Don't hardcode the ID. Otherwise, your application won't work anymore if e.g. a project manager later merges VHL files into a different configuration using BALTECH ConfigEditor. This process may result in a new ID, but not in a new name.
Adr Integer (16 bits) Address of the byte where you want to start writing
Length of Data Integer (16 bits) Length of Data in bytes
Data Raw data Data to write

Returned values (response frame)