This command is deprecated. Do not use it in new code as we may remove it in the future!

This commands prepares the reader to access Mifare cards with the given Mifare key settings. It can be called before using VHL.Read and VHL.Write with Mifare cards without configuring the reader with a VHL-file, i.e. when the ID parameter of VHL.Read or VHL.Write is set to 0xFF.

All data blocks of the card starting from sector 1 will be included in the ad hoc VHL-file. This only makes sense if all blocks can be accessed using the same key. If this assumption is too simplistic for your application, please use a normal VHL-file to set up the reader.

After calling VHL.Select, VHL.Read or VHL.Write with an ID parameter other than 0xFF, or after a reboot, the settings made by this command are lost. For new applications, the command VHL.Setup should be used instead.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
- Bit mask (8 bits) -
RFU Integer (bit mask area 0xFC) Zero padding
CustomKey Boolean (bit 0x02) If true, use the key given in the Key parameter. If false, use 0xFF FF FF FF FF FF as key.
KeyA Boolean (bit 0x01) If true, use Key A, else use Key B. Please refer to the Mifare standard specification for details about Key A and Key B.
Optional field, condition: CustomKey
Key Raw data (length 6 Bytes) -

Returned values (response frame)