This command is deprecated and should only be used for compatibility purposes with older firmware version. It returns the Answer To Reset (ATR) of the currently selected card in a legacy format, i.e. not conform with the PC/SC specification, version 2. For new projects it is recommended to use the VHL.GetATR command instead.

If the VHL.Select command has not been successfully executed before this command, the VHL.ErrCardNotSelected status code will be returned. If the last selected card is no longer available in the field of the antenna, or if a read/write operation failed before executing this command, the returned ATR is undefined.

The returned ATR variable always has the following format:


Parameters (request frame)


Returned values (response frame)

Name Type/Size Description
Length of ATR Integer (8 bits) Length of ATR in byte
ATR Raw data Answer To Reset value in legacy format.