This command is deprecated. Do not use it in new code as we may remove it in the future!

For new applications please use Iso15.TransparentCmd as this command is deprecated and may be removed in future.

This command sends a data stream to a label and returns the communication status and the received label data stream to the host. If no bytes are sent and the CRC check is disabled, only an EOF is sent to the label. After execution of this command, the Mode parameter is reset to default.

Please be aware that the flag Byte (see the ISO 15693-3 specification, 2001 p.9) is not generated by the reader. This flag has to be transmitted as part of the data string.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
Mode Bit mask (8 bits) -
RFU Integer (bit mask area 0xE0) Zero padding
EnRxWait Boolean (bit 0x10) If true, param RxWait is transmitted to the reader.
EnCRCRX Boolean (bit 0x08) Enable CRC check over received data.
EnCRCTX Boolean (bit 0x04) Enable CRC over transmitted data.
RFU Integer (bit mask area 0x03) Zero padding
Len Integer (16 bits) Number of bytes to send.
Timeout Integer (16 bits) Timeout in ms between sending last bit to label and receiving first bit from label.
Data Raw data (length 0 Bytes) Length is greater than 0! It was set to zero to provide length information
Optional field, condition: EnRxWait
RxWait Integer (16 bits) After data transmission to the label, the receiver is delayed for a RxWait time, measured in Rx bitclock steps. After execution of the command, RxWait is reset to the default value.

Returned values (response frame)

Name Type/Size Description
Length of LabelData Integer (16 bits) Length of LabelData in byte
LabelData Raw data -