This command scans for ISO 15693 labels which are in the field of the readers antenna and which are not in quiet-state. The list of UIDs is returned in the response frame. Furthermore, the DSFID is send back if the DSFID flag in Mode is set.

If the More response value is different from zero, there are more tags to scan, and Iso15.GetUIDList has to be called again with the NextBlock flag set to get the rest of the labels which have not been transferred within this frame.

To optimize the label scanning time, the reader should be told if there are many labels (more than 2 or 3) in the antenna's field. In this case, the En16Slots flag should be set. This bit will tell Iso15.GetUIDList to send the inventory with 16 time slots instead of one.

Furthermore the Autoquiet flag can be set to put every label into quiet-state after a successful scan. This will result in a kind of incremental behaviour from Iso15.GetUIDList since after the first successful Iso15.GetUIDList call, all following Iso15.GetUIDList calls will only return labels which came into the field of the antenna after the last call.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
Mode Bit mask (8 bits) -
RFU Integer (bit mask area 0xE0) Zero padding
EnAFI Boolean (bit 0x10) EnAFI (bool): AFI byte shall be transmitted
NextBlock Boolean (bit 0x08) NextBlock (bool): Scan for additional labels in HF field
AutoQuiet Boolean (bit 0x04) AutoQuiet (bool): Enable auto-quiet mode
EnDSFID Boolean (bit 0x02) DSFID (bool): Enable DSFID see response
En16Slots Boolean (bit 0x01) 16Slots (bool): Enable 16 time-slots
Optional field, condition: EnAFI
AFI Integer (8 bits) Application Family Identifier. EnAFI flag in Mode Byte has to be set, if AFI shall be used.

Returned values (response frame)

Name Type/Size Description
More Integer (8 bits) If set, then more than Num labels are in the field of antenna.
Length of Labels Integer (8 bits) Number of elements in the Labels array
Labels Array -
UID Raw data (length 8 Bytes) Unique ID of label.
Optional field, condition: EnDSFID
DSFID Integer (8 bits) DSFID of label, only available, if DSFID bit in Mode has been set.