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Changelog for firmware 1100 v2.01

2.01.01 (2022-08-12)

This version also includes all features and bugfixes of the stable version v2.00 up to and including v2.00.08.


  • Added support for the ID-engine Z product variants 10115-901-01 and 10117-901-01.

Bug fixes

  • Improved VHL status codes for the commands VHL.ExchangeAPDU and VHL.ExchangeLongAPDU.

  • When reading a MIFARE Classic emulation on a DESFire EV3-C card using VHL.Read, a subsequent VHL.IsSelected failed. As Autoread configurations run VHL.IsSelected internally, this bug could cause an Autoread operation to be aborted.

  • The VHL feature for prioritizing card families didn't work with cards returning random IDs.

  • Permissions for external SAM access and authentication commands used to be managed via the same bit in the access condition bit mask. To allow for more granular permission management, 2 separate bits are now used.

  • When a LicenseCard SE was presented to a LEGIC reader, the reader would book a license although LEGIC readers generally don't support the required HID iClass SE Processor. Now, LEGIC readers no longer accept the LicenseCard SE, only the LicenseCard Standard, which is compatible with any BALTECH reader.

  • Updated LEGIC SM-4200 firmware to OS v4.4.0.0. This has improved read reliability, especially when used in metal environments with cards that have their antennas placed close to the edge.