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Format project cards with
BALTECH Card Formatter

Formatting is the process of programming all project-specific data onto a project card, so it can be issued to the card holder. For MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE Classic cards, you can do this on-site using BALTECH Card Formatter (available for download here).

The full feature scope requires Card Formatter v3.01.00 or above.

Best practices

Before you begin, you need to make a few organizational decisions. As a starting point, we recommend our overview of best practices.


Order a job file

While BALTECH Card Formatter itself is free, you can only use it together with a project-specific job file you need to order from us. The job file contains e.g. encryption keys, permissions, and the numbers to program onto the card (PCNs). Besides, it can be used to enable security features that help prevent misuse.

Here's how to order a job file.

We don't provide documentation or support for job file creation or modification.

Protect the Card Formatter log

When Card Formatter is operated in a non-secured environment (i.e. by various users), we highly recommend you restrict permissions to the log that Card Formatter creates. This is needed to prevent log manipulation and circumvention of security measures.

Format cards

Once you've received the job file from us and enabled the required security features, you can format the cards with BALTECH Card Formatter.

Keep track of assigned numbers

To keep track of which numbers from your project number range have already been assigned, have a look at the Card Formatter log.