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Test full config with host system

Once you've completed your configuration and tested it on your computer in BALTECH ConfigEditor, we recommend you also run a full test with the host system that you'll also use productively. Set up the test like your future productive environment:

  • Use a reader of the same product line as the ones that you'll later use in the productive environment.
  • If you've used this reader for other tests before, do a factory reset.
  • Connect the reader to a test host system.
  • Deploy the configuration in the same way as you'll later do it in the field (for details, see our overview of deployment methods).

Autoread doesn't work in your test application?

When you switch from BALTECH ID-engine Explorer to your test application, Autoread mode may be disabled on the test reader. To avoid this, please always disconnect the reader from your computer when you're done in ID-engine Explorer, and then reconnect the reader to start testing in your test application.

For more tips on troubleshooting, please have a look at our troubleshooting guide.