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Changelog and known issues in BALTECH Card Formatter

Here, you can find the known issues with the latest version of BALTECH Card Formatter.

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If you're experiencing an issue in an older version, please update first to get the latest bug fixes. To report a new issue in the latest version, please get in touch.

Known issues in latest version

No issues known in latest version


3.08.01 (2024-06-03)


  • DESFire card keys can now be stored in a Secure Access Module (SAM) or the reader configuration instead of the job file.

  • The USB interface between reader and Card Formatter can now be encrypted.

  • Accessing a job file in Card Formatter can now be protected with a password.

- Date and time of card formatting can now also be written to the card.

3.07.02 (2023-08-30)

Bug fixes

  • Since v3.07.00, numbers greater than 9999 could no longer be programmed.

  • Since v3.07.00, the error Wrong card was displayed randomly when formatting MIFARE DESFire cards.

  • With each formatted card, the Card Formatter window grew wider.

3.07.01 (2023-08-22)

Bug fixes

  • Since v3.07.00, job files containing extra fields were no longer accepted.

3.07.00 (2023-08-07)


  • You can now format any ISO 14443-4 cards. Cards no longer need to be based on MIFARE DESFire nor MIFARE Classic.

  • It's now easier to skip certain number blocks: The Next Number to Program that Card Formatter suggests is no longer the smallest available number, but the next available number after the last one programmed.

  • Manually changing the number is no longer done in the main window, but in a separate dialog to prevent accidental modifications.

  • The application name has officially been changed from "Card Formatter Tool" to "Card Formatter" - short, crisp, and how most of you (and us) referred to it anyway. ;-)

  • With the new name, the design of the app icon has also changed. We hope, you like it!

Bug fixes

  • MIFARE Classic cards with 7-byte UIDs couldn't be formatted.

  • MIFARE DESFire EV2 cards couldn't be reformatted when holding a DAM (Delegated Application Management) key.

  • MIFARE Classic emulation couldn't be programmed onto MIFARE DESFire EV3C cards.

  • Formatting failed when a job file enabled random IDs for MIFARE DESFire cards.K

  • When opening a job file that contains extra fields, UI elements could overlap so that extra fields couldn't be edited.

  • If a job file contained an extra field without a default value, Card Formatter used to crash. Now it displays an error message instead.

  • Several labels and help texts have been fixed.