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Format cards with BALTECH Card Formatter

Once all preparations are completed, you can start formatting the cards for your project.

To format a card:

  1. Connect a reader to your computer.
  2. Open BALTECH Card Formatter.
    If you haven't installed it yet, you can download it here.

  3. Click Browse and select the job file (CARDDESC or MIFDESC format).

    Browse button in BALTECH Card Formatter

  4. If the job file is protected with a password, enter it.

    Enter password for a job file in BALTECH Card Formatter

  5. In the Next Number to Program field, you'll see the number that Card Formatter will by default program onto the next card. This is the next available number after the last one programmed.

    How can I skip a number block?

    Depending on the job file, the Next Number to Program field may be editable, so you can skip certain number blocks. In this case, click Button with 3 dots and enter the number you want to continue with.
    Browse button in BALTECH Card Formatter

  6. If additional fields are displayed, e.g. name or permissions, please fill them out.

    BALTECH Card Formatter dialog filled out

  7. Place the card on the reader. Formatting is completed when the red Formatting Card... message has changed back to the green Waiting for Card to Format message.

Done! You can now remove the card from the reader and continue with the next one.