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BALTECH Mobile ID beta admin guide

With BALTECH Mobile ID, employees can use their smartphones, as an alternative to their physical ID cards, to open doors or use similar card-reading applications.

This documentation is for admins who set up and manage the solution for 1 or serveral projects.

BALTECH Mobile ID Manager and Mobile ID app

Use cases

BALTECH Mobile ID is typically used for access control, but you can also use it for any other application that is based on reading a certain number from a card, e.g. time & attendance or login. The setup always works the same.

Components & roles

Component Role Description
Mobile ID Manager
web application at
Admins Admins set up and manage Mobile ID projects. Typically, this role is taken over by the integrator who sets up the respective access control solution, or by IT staff at the end customer.

Each project can have multiple admins, and each admin can manage multiple projects.
Mobile ID app
Smartphone app, available in the App Store and Google Play Store
Users Users are people who can use the Mobile ID app on their phones to interact with card readers, e.g. to open doors. They must be invited by an admin.

Each user can only be in 1 project.


  • BALTECH readers with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support, e.g. 10097-6xx, 10119-8xx, 1x115-6xx, or 1x117-8xx
  • Smartphones:

    • iPhones 7 and above, tested with iOS 15 and above
    • Android phones with Android version 8 and above

    Bluetooth needs to be enabled and Bluetooth permissions need to be granted to the app.


User management

Using the app

While the Mobile ID app is designed to be used without documentation, the following sections are for your reference as an admin. They may be helpful when supporting users, or to get familiar with the app upfront.

Troubleshooting & support