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Official contact in a Mobile ID project

If a project has multiple admins, the admin who has been with the project the longest (usually the project creator) is marked as official contact.

Add admin to a project in BALTECH Mobile ID Manager

What's the purpose of the official contact?

  • Support contact in the following e-mails to users:

    • Invitations
    • Notifications to deleted users

Sole recipient of project-related notifications:

  • A user deleted themselves by resetting their app.
  • A deleted user's permissions have been revoked from their app.
  • An Auto-sync exection has failed (only relevant if Auto-sync is set up for that project)

How to change the official contact?

Currently, it's not possible to manually change the official contact.

As a workaround, one of the other admins of the project can remove and then re-add that admin. Then, the new official contact will be the admin who has now been with the project the longest.