Authenticates to a Ultralight-c card.

The key used for authentication is specified in the Device / CryptoKey key of the reader's configuration. Key has to be of type 3DES (16 bytes).


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
- Bit mask (8 bits) -
RFU Integer (bit mask area 0xF8) Zero padding
DivMode Enumeration (bit mask area 0x06) Specifies diversification algorithm.
  • NoDiv (0)
    No diversification.
  • SamAv1OneRound (1)
    SAM AV1 mode (1 encryption round for Tripple DES keys).
  • SamAv1TwoRounds (2)
    SAM AV1 mode (2 encryption rounds for Tripple DES keys).
  • SamAv2 (3)
    SAM AV2 mode (AES according to NXP: AN 10922).
HasExtIdx Boolean (bit 0x01) -
KeyIdx Integer (8 bits) Index
Length of DivData Integer (8 bits) Length of DivData in bytes
DivData Raw data Diversification data.
Optional field, condition: HasExtIdx
KeyExtIdx Integer (8 bits)

Crypto memory index (SAM or crypto memory) of authentication key

  • SAM: key version (0..0xFF)
  • Crypto memory: page (0..15)

Returned values (response frame)