Send an APDU response to the APDU request received during the last call of Iso14CE.ExchangeInverseAPDU or Iso14CE.ActivateCardAPDU, and receive the next PCD APDU request.

The Timeout parameter specifies the maximum time in ms to wait for the next APDU. If no request could be received from the PCD, Iso14CE.ExchangeInverseAPDU returns the Iso14CE.ErrTimeout status code.

In case the received APDU does not fit into the internal buffer of the emulated PICC, the part of the frame which could be processed is returned together with an I4CE.ErrOverflow status code. The buffer size is firmware dependent and can be retrieved via the Sys.GetBufferSize command.

The command returns the Iso14CE.ErrIso144State status code if the PICC is not in the proper state to exchange ISO14443-4 APDUs. This is the case if Iso14CE.ActivateCardAPDU has not previously been successfully executed, or if the PCD has terminated the communication by e.g. executing the Iso14L4.Deselect command.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
Length of Rsp Integer (16 bits) Length of Rsp in bytes
Rsp Raw data APDU which shall be sent to the PCD as a response to the last command.
Timeout Integer (16 bits)

Maximum time (in ms) to wait for the next ISO14443-4 APDU request.

A value of 0xFFFF corresponds to an infinite timeout.

Returned values (response frame)

Name Type/Size Description
Length of Cmd Integer (16 bits) Length of Cmd in bytes
Cmd Raw data Next ISO14443-4 APDU request received from the PCD.