This command is identical to the Mif.AuthE2 command with the exception that it supports stronger authentication methods (MIFARE and AES), supported by MIFARE Pro cards.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
- Bit mask (8 bits) -
AuthLevel Integer (bit mask area 0xC0)

Desired authentication level

  • 0: AES SL1 authentication
  • 1: AES SL2 authentication
  • 2: AES SL3 authentication
  • 3: MIFARE authentication
RFU Integer (bit mask area 0x38) Zero padding
KeyHasExtIdx Boolean (bit 0x04) Set this flag if extended crypto memory is used (using KeyExtIdx parameter).
EV1Mode Integer (bit 0x02) Switches to EV1 secure messaging. (Only supported by MFP EV1 cards)
IsKeyB Boolean (bit 0x01) Key B is used when this flag is set, whereas Key A is used when this flag is cleared.
Block Integer (16 bits) Block/Key address of MIFARE Pro card.
KeyIdx Integer (8 bits)

Crypto Memory Index (SAM or CryptoMemory) of MIFARE key

  • SAM: 0-7F
  • CrMem: 80-BF
Optional field, condition: KeyHasExtIdx
KeyExtIdx Integer (8 bits)

Crypto Memory Index (SAM or CryptoMemory) of authentication key

  • SAM: SAM: Key version (0..0xFF)
  • Crypto Memory: Page (0..15)
Length of DivData Integer (8 bits) Length of DivData in byte
DivData Raw data Key diversification according to NXP AN10922 will be done if diversification data bytes are specified.

Returned values (response frame)