This command is identical to the Mif.AuthUser command with the exception that it supports stronger authentication methods (MIFARE and AES), supported by MIFARE Pro cards.


Parameters (request frame)

Name Type/Size Description
- Bit mask (8 bits) -
AuthLevel Integer (bit mask area 0xC0)

Desired authentication level

  • 0: AES SL1 authentication
  • 1: AES SL2 authentication
  • 2: AES SL3 authentication
  • 3: MIFARE authentication
RFU Integer (bit mask area 0x3C) Zero padding
EV1Mode Integer (bit 0x02) Switches to EV1 secure messaging. (Only supported by MFP EV1 cards)
KeyB Integer (bit 0x01) Key B is used when this flag is set, whereas Key A is used when this flag is cleared.
Block Integer (16 bits) Block/Key address of MIFARE Pro card.
Key Raw data (until end of frame) Key to use for authentication.

Returned values (response frame)