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Request project account for Mobile ID Manager

To start using Mobile ID, you need an account for your project in Mobile ID Manager. Here, you can find the encryption key needed to configure readers and can manage the users of the Mobile ID app.

To request an account:

Contact us, and we'll create an account for you. Please note, however, that during beta, we can only accept a limited number of projects. In a later version, you'll be able to create the account yourself.

We'll need the following information from you:

  • Project name: login name for the account. It can contain the following characters:

    • Letters a-z (lower-case letters within the English alphabet)
    • Numbers 0-9
    • Hyphens (-) as separators
  • Administrator e-mail address: Support contact for users of the Mobile ID app, displayed in invitation e-mails. Besides, support requests sent from the app will be delivered to this address.

  • Do you agree to send a copy of user support requests incl. app log automatically to BALTECH?
    This it to help us improve the quality of the app (learn more).