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Allow remote support

To speed up troubleshooting during a support case, a BALTECH employees may ask you to grant them remote access to your computer. You can do so using our Remote Support application.

Alternatively, you can use TeamViewer and share the ID and password from the Allow Remote Control tab with the BALTECH employee.

To start the Remote Support application:

  1. Download Remote Support from our download section and unzip it.

  2. Double-click the EXE file. This will open Remote Support right away. Nothing needs to be installed and no changes will be made to your system.

  3. When you open Remote Support for the first time, enable the checkbox to accept the license agreement and click Continue.

    BALTECH Remote Support application - Teamviewer License Agreement

  4. The Remote Support application opens. After a few seconds, it will display a session code and name.

    BALTECH Remote Support application to grant a BALTECH support employee access to your computer

That's it. The BALTECH employee will take care of the rest. To stop the session, close Remote Support. The BALTECH employee will then lose access to your computer. They'll only be able to regain access when you restart Remote Support.