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Reset the Mobile ID app

When a user resets their Mobile ID app, all app data will be permanently deleted, and the app will no longer work. If the user wants to use the app again later, they need to re-activate it. This means: You as the administrator will need to re-add them as a user in Mobile ID Manager, so they receive a new invitation e-mail.

To reset the app:

  1. In the app, tap Settings in the top left to open Settings.
  2. Tap Reset app and confirm.

The app will now display the Activate the app screen. In Mobile ID Manager, the user will be deleted from the list.

For a later version, it's planned to send a notification e-mail to you as the administrator, so you're informed when a user resets their app.

If you delete the app instead of resetting it, the respective user entry in Mobile ID Manager will remain active (see known issue).